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How do foot related sports injuries affect the body? by charlestlee

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Brian Yee PT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT

I pay particular attention to foot injuries and how it relates to the rest of the mechanics of the body. How the foot hits the ground affects how other joints in the body absorb shock as well as how the muscles around those joints work in sports performance.

The most classic example that we see are patients that have a one sided knee, hip or back injury – say the right side. When we take our medical history the patient tells us they sprained their ankle on the same right side ‘way back in high school…but that got better’. But what the patient does not realize is that after the ankle was swollen from the sprain the swelling settles and makes the ankle joint stiffer. As years go by, after running, walking, and playing sports, the limitations in ankle motion directly affect the way the hip works – causing the hip to lose mobility as well. Injuries can then occur at the hip, the knee, or the low back as both the ankle and hip are not able to provide proper support and power production in sports performance.


Are Your Shoes Really Helping You? by Motion Stability
May 17, 2012, 5:33 pm
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Athletic shoewear have recently gained a lot of attention for their role in assisting a person to acheive a variety of health and fitness related goals. Skechers, being on of the first in the industry, have now come to the forefront of our attention again as some of their claims have been refutted.

Oftentimes we see patients who are flirting with shoes to solve an underlying biomechanical issue. In actuality the shoes are a “band-aid” and not solving the true physical issue at hand. Once the physical issues are resolved, the shoes become a means to assist instead of a failed solution. If you have questions regarding your shoewear and what it may or may not be doing for your health, please get in touch with one of the Motion Stability therapists!