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What exercises can help relieve hip pain? by charlestlee

Brian Yee PT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT

Typically hip pain patients have restricted hip motion. We usually find the gluteal muscles are restricted with trigger points and fascial tightness.

1. Use of foam rolls or trigger point balls along the back and side of the hip can release the muscles around the hip.
2. Lunge stretches to the anterior hip can also help – but please consult with a Physical Therapist to see if this is indicated.
3. Long axis traction: have a friend hold your ankle and pull the leg – length wise – to distract the hip. This can give relief to the hip especially in acute sitatuion.
4. Nerve: something to consider is that the pain in your hip may be referred pain from the back, sacroiliac joint, or sciatic/femoral nerves. If you have associated back/pelvic pain, please see a health practitioner to rule out the cause.