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Your Diaphragm – Not Just For Breathing! by charlestlee

Post by Beth Collier PT, DPT, OCS

Most people know that our diaphragms are responsible for allowing us to breathe in and out. Most people also know that fast repetitions of diaphragm contractions manifest as hiccups.  What most people don’t realize is that the diaphragm is actually a part of your core and plays a vitally important role in posture.

Other components of your core muscles include your deep ab and back muscles as well as muscles that make up your pelvic floor. A dysfunction in one part of the core can lead to increase stress on the other remaining muscles groups, which is why core strengthening is emphasized in back pain and incontinence.

As a musician or athlete, it is important to train your diaphragm to be able to withstand the extra stress of increased breathing demand during activities like running, cycling, singing or playing a wind instrument but still be able to contribute to your core strength and postural control.