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Why do I get pain on the inside of my foot when I increase my training? by charlestlee

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Brian Yee PT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT
Pain that occurs on the inside of the foot when increasing your training is usually due abnormal forces placed upon it. This can occur with the foot either pronating too much (going flat) or the foot loading to the ball of it excessively.
Either way, increased stress is placed along the arch and pain can occur there.
Training then should be modified not to allow the arch to collapse or load to the front of the foot excessively. Small tips would include – putting more equal weight through the heel and ball of the foot, watching you knee angle so that it does not go into valgus (turning in) as that place more stress on the arch, and training hip stability primarily in the gluteal muscles as opposed to the calf and quad musculature.

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