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Old Ankle Injuries & Your Back Pain by charlestlee

Many patients with ongoing back, hip, or knee pain often forget how much their old ankle sprains from high school can be a cause of their current symptoms. Patients disregard it, thinking “Oh – it swelled up pretty good back then, but it doesn’t bother me now.”

Even if an old ankle sprain doesn’t bother you currently, did you know that the swelling you experienced in your ankles years ago have turned into scar tissue and therefore now makes the ankle joint more stiff? This is important because our ankles/feet are vital in most functional and sports activities. They hold your body weight and determine whether or not you have will have proper joint and muscle functionality.

Whenever the ankle stiffens, it hinders flexibility and thus changes the way the knee, hip, and back all work. It’s lack of movement makes certain muscles, such as your gluteal muscles work less effectively, while making other muscles work harder, such as the hamstrings and calf muscles.

With repetition over time, patients can experience increased stress and can cause tissue breakdown resulting in common injuries as calf cramps, achilles tendinitis, IT Band syndrome, hamstring strains, hip and back pain.

We recommend that you see a qualified Physical Therapist that can assess whether or not your ankle/foot restrictions are from your old ankle sprain, and more importantly how it may afffect your current injuries and/or sports performance limitations.

Post by Brian Yee PT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT