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Understanding your pain can be INSTRUMENTAL to musical performance by BCollier
February 28, 2012, 1:36 pm
Filed under: Musicians

Pain is a common complaint with many musical instrumentalists, though performers are often at a loss for who to turn to for relief.  Many times they have been told to stop their musical activities in an effort to control their pain.  This often leaves aspiring musicians in search of another dream, or professional musicians panicked to obtain other work opportunities.  Countless stories of career-ending pain or dysfunction have come to light in recent years, but quality healthcare for these individuals remains sparse.

In recent years, physical therapy has made its name in the performing arts world.  Many retired dancers and actors are turning to physical therapy as a second career to help their colleagues treat common career-ending ailments.  Physical therapists with a music specialty are much more difficult to locate.  When treating musicians it is important to identify postures associated with specific instruments, various techniques utilized to perform on an instrument, and the repertoire performed by the musician.  It is also a struggle for vocal performers to be recognized as utilizing their voice and body as an instrument by many healthcare practitioners.  Finding a healthcare provider with knowledge of the various aspects of music performance is a necessity for musicians struggling with pain and dysfunction.

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