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Low Back Pain: Multifidus CSA Changes in Athletes by Motion Stability
July 10, 2008, 9:01 pm
Filed under: Movement Dysfunction, Spine, Sports

Hides JA, Stanton W, McMahon S, et al. Effect of stabilization training on multifidus muscle cross-sectional area among young elite cricketers with low back pain. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2008;38(3):101-108. This study reinforces previous studies on low back pain, and the need to perform specific stabilization techniques to improve pain and function rated scores. In this study, cross sectional area (CSA) of lumbar multifidus was found to be assyemtrical in size at the L5 level in young elite crickters with low back pain. With specific retraining of the transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, and lumbar multifidus, athletes with low back pain had improvements in CSA and reports in decrease pain. General exercise strategies for core stabilization need to be specified, especially with patients with low back pain.